Understanding Professional Consulting

Do you remember the last time you were really proud of your business? I began thinking more and more seriously about improving things, but truthfully, I didn't really know where to start. Fortunately, a friend of mine had the presence of mind to guide me towards a really great consultant, so I met with them the next day. I spent quite a bit of time talking with them about everything that I was concerned about in terms of my business, including what I wanted to see in the future. It was absolutely stunning to see how much better things became, and before I knew it, I was doing a lot better with my own company.

Confined Space Guidelines, Training, And Rescue Services


A permit-to-work is a management procedure that ensures that only those who have been properly trained are able to enter a confined space. A confined space that provides ample room for entry, but that contains narrow passageways and a potentially dangerous environment will require the use of a rescue plan and team.

Guidelines That Owners Must Follow

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has outlined what is deemed as a confined space. Many variables could make a restrictive area dangerous to remain in for a long duration, including the possibility of flames engulfing the space, compromised materials that could result in a fall, or the use of chemicals that could alter the air quality.

A rescue service team is a group of people who have been trained to aid those who are working in a dangerous setting. These people should have information about the layout of the work area and the protocol that must be followed to move someone safely from the confined area.

Acquiring a permit will be necessary, especially if the confined space isn't one where work duties are normally performed. A permit, however, will not minimize the amount of danger that an employee will face and should not be thought of as a solution to working in an enclosed area. 

The Training And The Plan

Anyone who doesn't have experience working in close quarters should be mandated to complete a training course. Employees who have completed an overview on confined space requirements can be asked to participate in a refresher course.

A rescue team should consist of people who have been formally trained and licensed to perform lifesaving rescues on an as needed basis. These people will need to respond quickly and should be on your work site or within the area where a job is being performed.

If you are going to use a specific alert method to contact the people who will be performing a rescue, go over your plan with each member of the rescue team. Practicing how to respond in various scenarios will increase the chances that a rescue can be performed seamlessly.

Safety gear should be utilized when working in a confined area. Drop ladders, hard hats, lights, and adequate clothing and footwear can help someone safely move into or out of a work area, without being at risk of becoming injured. If any confined spaces need to be accessed and they are different than the small areas that have previously been entered, go over any guidelines that differ from those associated with standard settings where work is performed. 

To learn more, contact a confined space rescue service.


16 February 2021